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Matthew Herbert

Creative Director

Company founder and lead composer

Hugh Jones

General Manager

Company manager and lead project producer

Karen Sutton

Financial Manager

Finance and business manager as well as producer of The Oram Awards

Sud Basu

Executive Producer

Executive Producer for Radiophonic Institute and partner development

Elisa Miglionico

Marketing & Label Assistant

Digital marketing strategy and release production across the family of record labels

Dan Pollard

Composers Assistant

Composer assistant for projects including Temple, UAE Expo 2020 and Noughts & Crosses

Wendy Cunningham

Assistant to Matthew Herbert

Assistant to Matthew Herbert and project producer

Mike Gillespie

Artist / Business Manager

Business strategy and artist manager to Matthew Herbert

Nik Di Benedetto

Accounts Assistant 

Label royalty accounting and neighbouring rights 

Hayley Suviste

Project Producer

Lead producer for The Sound Of The Year Awards 

Jean Makepeace

Artist Manager 

Artist manager to Matthew Herbert an assistant to Mike Gillespie

Patrick Lyle-Condon

Production Assistant

Production Assistant to Hugh Jones

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